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Full Service Online Events

We create a global online trade show experience, accessible 24/7, on any device and anywhere in the world where there is a minimal internet connection. We mirror your physical conference into a fully virtual summit with outstanding customer engagement!

Create your online event!

Reduce costs, improve impact & drive growth

Need to recover your trade show investment or just want to be ahead of the pack? Let us help you set up a professional company webcast or deliver a high impact online event that will make your sales team jump for joy. We will take care of your marketing, content creation and lead generation before, through out and after your event.  Want to know how? Click the button below!


Choose your platform

Professional Webcast

When you have your content ready to go or need professional support on hosting a webcast, our Professional Company Webcast service is here for you. Not your basic webinar as you might expect though! Everything you need to engage directly with a selected audience for a fixed fee of €2500,-.

Online Event 

The perfect solution for a town hall, customer event, product launch or press event. Promote your brand and deliver relevant and quality content to your clients while reducing marketing expenditures. All the interaction without the waste delivered right to your clients’ homes or offices.

Online Conference

This is it… the next evolution in changing the way you do business and drive growth. Host your own Online summit or conference with multiple tracks to bring a full customer experience right to your visitors’ screens. Digital and offline engagement seamlessly for unprecedented brand impact & quality leads.

All the benefits from your online summit

Cost Efficient & Sustainable

Reduce your investments in creation and logistics. Reduce waste by re-purposing content

More interaction

Visitors will connect better and faster with your brand, speakers and each other through the different digital channels  

Audience Analytics

Gain in depth insights into your audience preferences, behavior and interactions. Learn and improve every event 

Accelerate Lead gen.

Be relevant all the time. Your digital event is a Leadgen Engine unlike anything your sales team experienced before

Less dependencies

Complete control over anything and everything. Your content, your topics, your brand and your data!

Limited Travel

Reduce travel expenses by 80% for your team. And put a serious dent in the global trade show Carbon Footprint.  

Available Everywhere

…where there is minimal internet access. On every device at any time. Live or OnDemand 

Email Marketing

Get the most out of your marketing budget. Stretch customer experience across your entire marketing efforts 

We Make it Easy to Connect with Users On Every Platform

One of the best features of an online event is the ability to truly interact with your visitors. Compared to traditional trade shows speaker-viewer discussion is almost 40% higher. And Peer-to-peer interaction is doubled. Low barriers to interact by chat and better ways to screen questions will have a tremendous impact on your visitor retention.  


Our Showcases

DSM Advanced Materials

Online event platform

  • reusable platform
  • New Leads accelerator
  • 23 speakers
  • Extended exposure

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